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History of East Timor

Written on April 7th, 2009 | Category: East Timor | 0 Comments | 2,621 views

East Timor is located in the eastern part of Timor, an island in the Indonesian archipelago that lies between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. East Timor includes the enclave of Oecussi, which is located within West Timor (Indonesia). After Indonesia, East Timor’s closest neighbor is Australia, 400 mi to the south. It is semiarid and mountainous.

Evidence that people have been living on the island for well over 4000 years can be seen in the original influences of the distinct dialects of the districts and the presense of cave paintings and stone carvings that are a reminder of the first travellers that arrived on Timor’s shores. The pottery and stone tools of the island of Timor also suggest a history before this. Read More »

Legend of New Zealand – 100% pure New Zealand

Written on March 7th, 2009 | Category: New Zealand | 0 Comments | 2,463 views

Legend has it that New Zealand was fished from the sea. Fact has it that New Zealand was the last land mass on earth to be discovered, making New Zealand the youngest country on earth. Damn .. i really love this video.

Read more about New Zealand.

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