A time for silent at World Silent Day

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World Silent Day is a community campaign to help tackle climate change through traditional wisdom.

One of the Indonesia’s traditional wisdom heritage is Trihitakarana philosophy from Bali that governs a harmonious relationship between human being with God, human being with another human being, and human being with nature; this can be a basis for sustainable development. O one of the practical implementations of Trihitakarana is the Nyepi or Silent Day conducted for 24 hours in Bali during the Saka New Year.

It is estimated that during Nyepi Day, the CO2 emission reduction in Bali is at least 20 thousands tons because motorcycles, cars and airplanes cease to operate.

The Bali Collaboration for Climate Change launched the “Bhisama Bali” (Bali Declaration) on Nyepi (Silent) Day for the Earth, with a call:

1. For the delegates to UN Climate Change Conference agree on a Bali Roadmap that emphasizes climate justice; effectively implement the commitments of developed countries to reduce green house gas emission and to change the production and consumption pattern to be more climate friendly all over the world.
2. For humanity to learn from Bali by determining March 21st as Nyepi Day, in which everyone can contribute to green house gas emission reduction by stopping all activities and energy consumption for one day. This is a fair and easy way. We propose that the UN through UNFCCC establish the Nyepi Day gradually beginning in March 2008 and with implementation by March 2010.

World Silent Day action are for everyone, in any place in the world can get involved. This is a worldwide campaign for our Earth.

Come to make an action for make our earth silent
On 21st March 2009 at 10.00 – 14.00 hours
March 21 is selected because the sun is at vernal equinox point, moving from the equator towards the north. This symbolizes the shift to a new life. The next day, March 22 is the World Water Day, also symbolic of life.

How ?. Reduce activities; reduce the use of motorized vehicles and energy.

In 2008 we asked people to SWITCH OFF some ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES (computer, AC, TV, radio, cell phone, some lamps, etc) FOR 4 HOURS ONLY !!

As the next step we ask you to SWITCH OFF for 4 hours during WORLD SILENT DAY 21 March 2009.

Get involved to do the action. For more info visit World Silent Day website.


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