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Sometimes we always get bored from our daily lives. We need to break the time for a while for taking a real vacation. All things related with holiday packages should be prepared well. Beside money that we should bring along, we also required to know a good accommodation but with a budget one.

Mostly we know an accommodation always related with a hotel. So many hotels spread out in the world. They have many offers such of rooms, facilities and many more. Hotel usually has a vary room packages. Let’s say standard room, deluxe, suite and more.

When we already booking a room, there are few person can use it. One room can be used for 2 person and sometimes get a chance for an extrabed. Then we only given a hotel room with a small size building. Only a room with beds, desk, bathroom, air conditoner, and a television.

To be consider if we take a holiday with 5 persons. How about the budget for stay in a hotel ?. It would be so expensive. The other alternative to have a budget accommodation is rent a villa.

Villa is a house with a complete facilities on it. This house usually has kitchen set, many bedrooms, a swimming pool, large garden, and some additional facilities such as internet broadband, satelite television and other things.

One villa can accommodate 5 or above persons. The rental cost is very cheap than using a hotel. So, the question is what country and tourist destination that provide villa ?.

I can give you an example is Bali. Located in Indonesia, Bali has a lot of wonderful tourist destination. There are also a lot of budget accommodation in Bali spread along that offering a different budget.

So, villa in Bali is a great choice to have a budget accommodation rather than a hotel. In another option, you still can choose another property alternative aswell, for example condos and townhouses. These kind of accommodation is match with traveler who need extra space and facilities. So many Bali Condos and townhouses in bali has a great facilities such as fully equipped kitchen, television, dvd player, wifi internet.

Need extra for family or friends ? Apartment in Bali can be the best option with many rooms and spacious amenities. Now on, you are the decision maker for your holiday trips with budget solution.


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