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When i came accross to Bali, there are a lot of place of interest. So many wonderful touirism destination to be visited. If we talk about lakes, there are 2 famous lakes on Bali. They usually called Kintamani lake and Buyan Lake.

You can find many greatest things such as culture, people, dance, nature, beach, sand, and anything else. Mostly, we need a place to stay and enjoying our holiday. So many hotels and villas also others clean accommodation surrounding Bali.

I know a great place to stay and they give a big discount for their Bali private villas. The villa called Ellora Bali Villas. And somehow you can try them for stay while enjoying a holiday program in Bali.

So many Bali Villas, but you must understand that they have their own price. A wise action to start is asking or browse it first through google. You may find a budget or private place to stay.

If you want a discount, just visit Ellora Bali Villas. Let them know that you found it from the internet. Because their discount applied when you book over the internet.


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