Gamelan and Bali Music Dance

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Gamelan music and dance are a unique and colourful part of everyday Balinese life. There are more than 45 different types of gamelan orchestras in Bali and hundreds of dances. However, few people are aware that some of these art-forms are rare and even endangered. Due to modernisation, globalisation, misguided tourism and a generally faster-paced way of life, the older traditions have lost popularity-in some cases, disappeared completely.

Mekar Bhuana is active in the revival, preservation and conservation of these rich and wonderful, yet undervalued art-forms.

Based on more than a decade of research, Mekar Bhuana works closely with senior guru from the villages, as well as professional musicians and dancers, to reconstruct, revitalise and re-popularise a near-extinct tradition.

At the moment, Mekar Bhuana is focussing on mediaeval court music and dance, by learning compositions from guru or old recordings. The musicians then play the music on the antique orchestras at the conservatory. Mekar Bhuana’s concept of faithful preservation is analogous to creating a living museum-like playing Mozart on baroque music.

In Balinese, Mekar means ‘to blossom’ and Bhuana means ‘the world’. Mekar Bhuana’s founders hope that these old art-forms will one day blossom again not only in Bali, but around the world.

Mekar Bhuana will have their performance in Singapore in April 2009. So, if you want to learn Bali Dance and Bali Music, contact them.


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    Great showbiz. Dancing and sport, isnt it ? No ? Oh i must learn it hehehe

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