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MUSIC NIAGARA showcases amazing music in matchless settings.  We bring together great art, great artists, and great audiences in venues rich with culture and history.   The exceptional musicianship which is our hallmark is expressed in a wonderfully diverse program, ranging from classical to jazz, from choral to cabaret.

These musical gems sparkle even more brightly in the unique Niagara settings which complement each one – jazz under the stars, Vivaldi in the vineyards, chamber works in historic churches, and more.   We are proud that these concerts are not only unimaginably good, but unexpectedly affordable.  Quality, charm, and accessibility allow MUSIC NIAGARA to offer culture with ease. 

Audience:  MUSIC NIAGARA is dedicated to providing audiences exciting, eclectic programming by exceptional talents in unique settings.    We are committed to introducing the next generation of audiences to outstanding music, by featuring culturally and historically diverse artists and works.  Our unique regional concert settings not only highlight the music we perform there, but introduce our audiences to the historical and cultural bounty of Niagara.   Finally, we offer these virtuosos and venues at incomparable value, through extremely affordable ticket and package prices, to ensure that the widest range of audience members have the opportunity to enjoy outstanding work.

Artists:  The quality of our artists is at the heart of our longevity and success.  MUSIC NIAGARA is committed to providing emerging talents and established professionals—including composers—from Niagara, across Canada and abroad, with opportunities to participate in live performances at venues that preserve chamber music’s intimacy and promote a freer engagement of the audience with the music and the performers.  We are equally committed to welcoming international artists of renown, and through our Young Virtuosos series the promising talents of tomorrow.

Art:  While proud to showcase the impressive talent of Canadian composers and performers, MUSIC NIAGARA carefully composes its seasons to represent wide cultural, historic, instrumental and generic range in music.  This broad spectrum of chamber music, performed by musicians whose talent and skill are of the highest standard, is designed to stimulate the most sophisticated listener and engage those new to certain genres.  The particular balance of works and performers in each year’s program is selected to fan imagination and cultural identity through music.

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