Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard-West Papua Indonesia

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On December 2008 last year, I lead a group of divers to the islands of Raja Ampat Islands of Western Part of Papua.  Raja Ampat ( Four King ) is located on the northwest tip of West Papua, its islands form of 04 large islands with more then 04 houndred small and rocky islands.

My group fly over to Sorong from Jakarta via Makassar with Merpati Airlines and land in Sorong at 12.30 Pm, My self fly from Denpasar to Makassar and met them at the airport and we fly together to Sorong.

When we fly over the islands of Raja Ampat, we can see how beautiful it the islands, blue and terquiose water form by coral reefs formation. when we landed at Sorong new airport, nothing special just like normal big city on Indonesia. We picked up by Cruise Director of Putri Papua Liveaboard named ” Wayang Narta ” who been worked as a cruise director in Raja Ampat islands for over 07 years. He knew more about Raja Ampat islands then anybodies else.

We board on the boat of Putri Papua around 03 Pm and had a small tours onbaord while the liveaboard pull their Angker and sail to the islands of Raja Ampat. we had afternoon cruising…..


Yes.. we wake up by the bell of Paradise, Soon arond 05.30 Am, I walked up and get on the deck to get fresh air and when my eye point outside the boat ring… My God…..! It’s Paradise

What a spectacular view out  there …no one but white beach, green hill and just like Ko Phi Phi 25 years ago…even much nicer

Surely, I wake up everyone and all of them surprise, some of them grab their mask and snorkel and jump in to the sea yelling…..Fantastic Coral….Come and Jump…Thomas, Our german companion..

Yeah… everyone jump to the sea…

That day we were park at waisai island and dive in the region, The Diving was more then I ever expected, It far more beautiful I ever imagined about Raja Ampat islands Very healthy coral, schooling of Fishes, fan coral, soft and hard, caves and whale Sharks.

We dove for 11 days 10 nights and visit, Waisai Island, Kri Island, Sorido Island, Salahawati Island, Batanta Island, Wayag islands, Koifiau Island, Bimtimtim Island, Misool Island and return to Sorong.

Believe me, If people say Sipadan Is beautiful, Bunaken is fantastic, Maladives is spectacular, Micronesia is georgeous and Great Barries Reefs is the best… They all nothing, Raja Ampat islands is the top 10 most spectacular dive sites from all the dive sites of the world. it’s truly paradise and untouchble.

Links of Raja Ampat Islands


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